The gambling trend today has evolved along with the development of technology and the internet. One of the best online slot betting platforms in the whole world is Slotxo, for sure. Slotxo has become the number one online slot betting platform because of its innovations in providing various slot games and several casino games that easy to play. Not only that, but Slotxo also provides the new innovation in reward transfer which allow its players to receive their money as soon as they win the game.

As the new obligation from the developer to make the people more comfortable to play in Slotxo. This platform is giving their new player slotxo โบนัส 100 (slotxo Bonus 100). This is the exact reward that every new player will get once they sign-up in Slotxo. Here is the detail

The minimum top-up for the deposit in Slotxo is 100 Baht. Once you have top-up yours, you will get your bonus of 100 Baht more immediately. Now you have 200 Baht in your credit. You can play various mentionable slot games in Slotxo by using your 200 Baht credits. We highly recommend you not waste it first. You can try to learn some of the fun slot games in the free access section. The games provided there are 100% free. After you understand how to play it, you can manage to try the top match in Slotxo by using your credits.

If you want to play with the real deal, you need to understand some of the hints and rules in Slotxo. Luckily, in the below section, there will be provided information about the tips and some information regarded to Slotxo. Let’s get started.

Tips & slotxo Strategy

In playing any game, you should understand the rules to be able to win the game. In Slotxo, you need to understand some rules and strategies to make you able to win the game and earn a lot of fresh money. Here are the tips and rules in playing Slotxo.

Tips and Strategy in Playing Slotxo

First, you need to read the general rules from Slotxo. The rules can be accessed from the main page when you login into your Slotxo account. You will be given the details about the games in Slotxo, the payment, withdrawal, and making a claim. You can also read some of the privacy and policy points from Slotxo to make you more understand about the limit and the access granted that you can use in playing the slot games.

Second, after you get the points in the general rules in the online slot betting platform, you can choose the game directly. When you click on the game, you will get a slight description and also the rules in playing that game. Make sure you read it carefully, and if you have some questions, you can call up customer service to ask for the solution. The customer service per se is always on 24/7 for you.


Third, you can try to learn about several symbols in slot games. Various symbols manifested as the number, Wild Symbols, Scatter Symbols, Bonus Symbols, Multiplier Symbols, and so on. Learn about the function of those symbols first, plus the pattern in playing the slot games. If you do not know about the pattern, for your information, when you want to play the slot game, you can place your bet vertically, horizontally, and also diagonally. If you want to beat the game, you need to understand those patterns to increase the chance to get the special symbols and bonuses.

Fourth, do not get overplay. You have to hold yourself for playing multiple times in a single game even if you have won several times. Do not bite off more than what you can chew is the best phrase to describe it. If you think you have got some returns over your bet, it is wise enough to retreat and play again tomorrow.

Last, play smart. Play smart is a must in playing the slot game. Indeed some people may get pissed off whenever they face some losing streak. Try to calm down and read the situation. Once you get the pattern, you are good to go.

Understand slotxo

Slotxo is an online betting platform based in Thailand. This platform has already been considered one of the largest platforms for slot games in the world. The reason why Slotxo is so popular is the several advantages mentioned above. First, they have a lot of games variation within the platform. It is so helpful to make the players become more comfortable playing on that platform. Plus, Slotxo also provides the free access game. In playing the free games, you are do not have to pay a single baht or dollar. Free games are also the best media for you to learn some strategies in playing Slotxo. Second, Slotxo has a financial system that is separated from its main system for the games. This decision is smart because, by the separated system, Slotxo is able to bring the fastest service in delivering the rewards and bonuses to your bank account directly. In some of the online slot betting platforms, their players may get the reward transfer issue, but if you choose Slotxo, that problem will never happen.

Play slotxo from your home

Playing online betting games is fun, and you can also get fresh money at the same time. If you ask me where is the best place to play that game, I will answer play at my own house. Slotxo is bringing the whole casino to your house. You can play it while you are relaxing on your veranda or your bedroom. This is a privilege that you cannot find in the conventional casino for sure. 24/7, you can play the online slot betting games while you can play it with simple in your house. Now, you do not have to dress up and carry your cash to the conventional casinos because all of your need is provided by SLotxo in your mobile phone or computer. Download Slotxo now for your android, iOs, and desktop to experience the fun of betting in your own house.